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Here is a list of projects I worked on.

  • Medflix (Health EMR)

Let's talk about Medflix this is a health EMR that I designed mainly to help my uncle (he's a doctor) to minimize the paper workload. And I worked on it majorly during the lockdown period while everyone was at their home. But for doctors, all things became tough. And I wanted to help him. So I came up with the idea of building a crud-level app that would keep track of patients and possibly generate PDF prescriptions and reports from it.

  • Building POC states this is where I wanted to see if I can make a dynamic report generator for imaging reports which had images and impressions to be printed out. So I made this Report Generator and here's the GitHub repo for it.

  • After the POC building phase now it was just crud-level features I needed to implement, so I went with the MERN stack and started to work on it. It took around 1 month for me to finish this up considering I had exams, so I also had to prepare for those too.

  • The GitHub repo for the front end here and for the backend here

  • The Finished product is hosted here. I've also uploaded a video around its key features here.

Screenshot from 2022-06-14 22-53-51.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-14 22-58-52.png

  • Membook (Social Media App)

Now talking about Membook I took this inspiration from peerlist as I liked their tech, and I was so flattered and so eager to learn how they're doing it. Things like dynamic social meta tags, Next JS, etc. I first started to learn NEXT JS along typescript both at the same time, learning as I go was my method of choice here. I looked into features like those dynamic social media OG images rendered when someone shares your profile in a LinkedIn feed or Twitter post. And this is where I started to look into SEO stuff and Next JS had so many advantages here like SSG / SSR things.

  • link to GitHub Repos

  • link to project live!

  • I am using vercel for hosting the frontend code. And AWS ec2 for backend hosting, I made a GitHub action for the backend which works as CI/CD pipeline deploying my code to the ec2 instance automatically.

Screenshot from 2022-06-14 22-59-40.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-14 23-04-54.png

Screenshot from 2022-06-14 23-05-32.png

I tried to replicate as much as could, things like posting a feed. Liking it and commenting through. Looked easy. I added a user chat feature where users can communicate with others. A gist of having private groups. Where you need to be a member before creating any feed or seeing any posts, etc.

I stopped the development there, and I am planning to add more features later on like GitHub integrations where you can OAuth it with your profile, and data from GitHub could be shown on your profile, importing LinkedIn data from LinkedIn API and displaying it on profile, etc.

This was from my side, see you soon with another blog. Have a look at my portfolio :

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